Current Asian Formula Renault Champion Josh Burdon has made a statement in his initial test in the China Touring Championship on Thursday, February 9th at Zhuhai International circuit, China.

Burdon, who was announced at the end of 2016 to test with factory backed Changan Ford Racing Team, turned his first laps in the Ford Focus which resulted in record times and strong momentum towards securing a seat in the 2017 championship with the defending team champions.

“I was very surprised on Josh’s performance today,” said Team Manager Kenneth Ma.

“He finished with some very quick laps. It proved well on Josh’s ability, adapting to his first drive in a front wheel drive touring car. This will be the second year for China Touring Car Championship to have foreign drivers allowed to compete. I hope that we will have further development on this shortly.”

“Completing my first test with Changan Ford Racing was a success, ticking a lot of boxes which I hope has put me in a good position to secure the seat,” said Burdon. “It is a polished, professional run team and they gave me all of the tools needed as well as allowed me to focus on turning my first laps in a front wheel drive car and getting up to speed, which is exactly what we did. I am happy with the results from the test and hope to build on this with securing a contract this season.

2017 China Touring Car Championship is set to kick off on 14th May (pending official calendar) at Wuhan
International Circuit, China.